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Complete Seat Analysis
FMVSS and ECE14 regulations ensures the safety of Seat design.
One of the main performance requirements of any automobile is to ensure occupant safety. The role of the automotive primary structure in providing safety to the occupants is paramount.

The safety study of the automobile includes the study of vehicle structure and the study of the occupant behavior in an event of crash of injury levels. This case study shows the analysis done by our team for first, second and third row of full vehicle validation for below load cases:
  • Seat belt anchorage
  • Forward laden
  • ODB 65 95 PC Pre concept
  • Side Impact: S1, S2 & S3
  • Rear Crash
  • Head rest performance and strength.
Base line results for Seat Belt anchorage showed failure in Lower track, cushion rear bracket and mounting riser bracket. Designs were changed with optimum reinforcements to overcome the failures. Frontal impact analysis also showed failures in latch assembly brackets, which were redesigned to meet the passing criteria.
Similarly, ODB, Side impact, rear crash and HRP test were carried out and designs were tweaked to meet the regulatory norms.