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Roll Over Analysis Of Passenger Bus
Bus rollover is one of the most serious types of accident as compared to other modes of bus accidents. Strengthening bus frame maintain residual space (occupant space) and minimizing occupant injury are necessary.
As an strategic design partner for many coach manufacturers, we support them in designing the bus superstructure with optimum weight and validate the strength of the same. This also involves various regulatory tests to get the type approval from authorized government bodies.

Our approach is to build the complete structure geometry using CAD applications, getting the right weights in right places with right material specifications. Once the Centre of gravity matches with the actual bus structure, the simulation phase can be started.
A mid plane extraction exercise is carried out to get the mesh generation started. Upon completion of mesh generation, the mass allocation is done sub assembly wise to ensure proper weight distribution.

As per AIS 031, the model setup is prepared in the CAE application. The gap between the residual space and the structural members is monitored to ensure the occupant safety.