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Laminar and Turbulent Flow analysis
Fluid Structure Interaction
Heat and Mass Transfer
Design for Manufacturing
Particle Tracking (DPM & DEM)
Steady state and Transient Analysis
Multiphase Flow
Flow Through porous media
Turbo Machinery
Surface tension and droplet modeling
Computational Fluid Dynamic Analysis (CFD)
Our engineers at CAE-Consultants utilize advanced Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) imaging, tools, and laboratory testing to gain understanding and visualization of complex thermal effects, fluid structure interactions, and flows.

Through years of CFD consultant work in several sectors, including medical device, aerospace, automotive, consumer appliances and electronics, and HVAC areas, we have developed a level of expertise that our clients can continually rely on. With experimental validation as well as extensive testing capability, we provide the highest level of CFD service to our clients.
We provide CFD services for a multitude of different flow physics, such as multiphase flow, advanced turbulence modeling, fluid structure interaction, and combustion. Our services also include industrial applications, including machine cooling, chemical mixing devices, electronics and turbo-machinery components, and aerodynamic performance/stability of both aircraft and automobiles. Our CFD experience, capabilities, and areas of interest are listed below.

At CAE-Consultants, we have a diverse portfolio that enables us to bring a varied and unique perspective to each project. Having worked in a variety of industries has given us a distinct advantage to relate shared physics to different structures. Being able to interpret results across these industries has allowed us the opportunity to extrapolate hard information and apply it where useful. For example, Let us look at this work we did for a consumer appliance company. The product was a mosquito repellent. We were approached not to just do analysis but provide a complete design solution to ***insert case study explanation here*** Experience is the difference that sets us apart.