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CFD Analysis Of Celing Fan
One of our premium customer from Consumer appliances industry developed a new design of ceiling fan. CAE Consultants were approached by customer to evaluate the air delivery of the fan as per regulatory norms.
        Customer shared the final design of Ceiling fan and material properties with our team. Our team of FE modelers, discretized the complete model in order to prepare it for CFD analysis. Basic assumptions done were like, density of Fluid(Air), Steady state, isothermal condition etc. Two angular velocity were to be considered (340rpm &380rpm) for the analysis. The testing chamber modeled was of 4.5X4.5X3.0m. The top of the test chamber was covered except for a centrally situated circular opening, the diameter of which was 1.1 to 1.2 times of fan sweep diameter. The chamber was discretized with Surface mesh to capture the its complete volume. Further boundary conditions were applied. Pressure point was created to initiate the simulation. A measuring plane was created at fixed distance below the fan, which was used to read the value of velocity.
        Velocity was measured at 4 points on the measuring plane. Volumetric flow rates were recorded for both the angular velocities (340rpm and 380rpm). Recorded flow rates complied with IS 374:1979 but since there were chances of improving the efficiency, suggestions were proposed to customer to be considered in the design.