EV Battery Modelling and Simulation

An electric vehicle (EV) is a complex multi-domain physical system with mechanical, electronic and hydraulic components with battery as core. Battery design needs coordinated modeling and simulation in multiple disciplines.


CAE-Consultants offering on EV Battery Modelling and Simulation includes:

Battery electrochemistry model solves the Newman p2D electrochemical equations

  • Li+ Diffusion (electrolyte)
  • Li+ Diffusion (particles)
  • Predictive aging
  • Streamlined characterization
  • Available material library in GT-Suite
  • Predictive temperature including temp dependent material properties
  • Predictive and accurate aging simulation with physics-based aging models
    • File layer growth simulations
    • Lithium plating
    • Active material Cracking

Our accurate battery simulation gets the results you need from electrochemistry to electrode, cell, module, pack and system and the coupling of different physics.



Electric Vehicles are the future of Transportation. However, they come with their own challenges both in terms of technology and lifecycle prediction. CAEC can provide complete support in areas such as Battery management and electrical system performance.

Our Technical Capabilities
  • Battery cell modeling.
  • Battery Charge / Discharge analysis.
  • Customized test rig development.
  • Predictive Analytics for Battery performance.
  • Model Based Systems Engineering.
  • Systems Modeling.
  • CFD and FEA simulation of battery packs.