Conjugate Heat transfer of Hair Dryer
Streamlines showing the flow through a suction chamber
Temperature distribution over heater coil

Consumer Electronics

Drop test Impact Analysis:

CAE-Consultants identifies the vulnerable areas of the product, stress distribution due to sudden impact, failure test prediction, optimized design for Safe-Life due to impact.

Fatigue and Stress Prediction Analysis:

We customise the product design with Safe-Life approach based on the initial crack growth, stress propagation and Fatigue life prediction analysis.

Flow Mechanics, Thermal and NVH Analysis:

CAE-Consultants provides analysis on consumer products using Computational Fluid Dynamics to predict, visualise the flow pattern and thermal energy distribution in the products. We also carry out Noise, Vibration and Harshness studies to help our clients design and launch better products.

Mold Flow Analysis:

CAE-Consultants provides the support in estimating the mold process, mold injection, analysing the final molded products.

Internal Comfort Simulations and HVAC of Indoor Spaces:

CAE-Consultants provides flow analysis of indoor spaces with respect to user comfort and ventilation with the help of simulations.

Plastic Snap-Fit Design Validation:

CAE-Consultants helps in simulating the fitting of plastic parts, determination of tolerance and stresswhile fitting.