EV Battery Modelling and Simulation

An electric vehicle (EV) is a complex multi-domain physical system with mechanical, electronic and hydraulic components with battery as core.Battery design needs coordinated modeling and simulation in multiple disciplines.


CAE-Consultants offering on EV Battery Modelling and Simulation includes:

Battery electrochemistry model solves the Newman p2D electrochemical equations

  • Li+ Diffusion (electrolyte)
  • Li+ Diffusion (particles)
  • Predictive aging
  • Streamlined characterization
  • Available material library in GT-Suite
  • Predictive temperature including temp dependent material properties
  • Predictive and accurate aging simulation with physics-based aging models
    • File layer growth simulations
    • Lithium plating
    • Active material Cracking

Our accurate battery simulation gets the results you need from electrochemistry to electrode, cell, module, pack and system and the coupling of different physics.